Collavini – Sauvignon Blanc Fumat DOC

White, dry

Collio Goriziano is a wine region on the north-eastern border of Italy, which is known for its complex, aromatic white wines. Therefor it’s not surprising that the Sauvignon Blanc Fumat got its smooth, characteristic taste. The Collavini family has been making wine for generations and they are proud of mixing traditions with modern techniques and technologies.

We recommend this wine with seafood, risotto and soup.

Conti Formentini – Pinot Grigio DOC

White, dry

The golden coloured Pinot Grigio has a strong, robust smell with notes of honey and nuts, but it has a relishable, fruity taste to it. It’s not a coincidence because it’s made in Collio Goriziano, a wine region at the north-eastern border of Italy which is famous for it’s complex, aromatic white wines.

We recommend this wine with white meat, salads and fish dishes.